Thursday, September 1, 2011


I left the trail in charlottesville and headed south on 250 cut down towards Ashland and got directions around richmOnd and headed home. Through the dEbris field of hurricane Irene. Powerlines were being restrung. I Pulled into the driveway with 4032.5 miles on the odometer. ThE bike had two miles on it to begin with. I left Virginia by car on July 30 headed to Tucson Arizona via Chicago on the way out. We ended up in Oceanside California and bought the moped in Fullerton California at Myron's moPeds and left Oceanside on the Wednesday the 10th and arrived august the 31 in west point va. Thanks to those who took an interest and many more thanks to those who actively helpEd.

Christiansburg to outside Richmond

On a strong suggestion I ran up to Blacksburg from christiansburg for breakfast at a coffee shop I had a plate of salsa eggs and potatoes. I got back on the well labeled route and ran through the foothills of Virginia tOwards Charlottesville. In fincastle I ate an Italian sub which helPed warm me up. It deffinately felt like the end of summer. August 30 th. I headed up to the blue ridge parkway. Probably this three mile section from Vesuvius to the parkway I had to pedal with the engine running. Up on the parkway the sun set while I drove the 25 miles to waynesboro. I head down into waynesboro at 9 and ate Mexican. It was cold I Put on my second pair of pants it helped some. I got lost leaving town. The thing about getting lost on a moped is it takes longer to get lost and longer to get unlost. I made it outside Charlottesville before I gave up On my dream of finishing the trip today.