Friday, August 19, 2011

Earthship world headquarters to Salida CO

I grabbed breakfast at Doc Martins restaurant in Taos. For 6 $ I ordered an eggs Benedict of sweet potato biscuits poached eggs chorizo and covered in a green chili sauce. The restaurant was almost as impressive as the meal the structure dated to the late 1800s built in the adobe style with hundred some yEar old timbers throughout.

I then headed to the earthship world headquarters to tour a few earthships and discuss interning for a build out or two this winter. The whole experience was great sustainable design built with recycled materials. I got to see the remains of the architects original homestead from the 1970s. I returned to my crash site and found the remand of my mirror glass. At tres piedras I turned on 285 and into an arrow straight drive into a 25 mph headwind. I crossed the border into Colorado and contemplated stopping for the night it was 640. 86 more miles would put me into the Rockies I had just begun to see. I decided to push on. 15 minutes later I arrived at the end of civilization and entered the great sand dune within a volcanic valley between to mountain ranges. I traveled here on about a three percent grade arrow straight against a strong headwind and ran out of gas sometime after dark 22 miles from the next gas station halfway up a steep mountain pass. I had neglected to fill my spare tank and couldn't fill the tank past the 15 mile reserve mark. Luckily once I mounted the summit I could coast the 9 miles into the valley at the otherside. I put a full gallon in the tank there and spent the night in Salida. After attaining an elevation of 9000+ feet. In the morning I did laundry at a laundromat and got to watch 2 fauns bounding around the parking lot I hadn't seen deer that tame in a while. I ate lunch at a tamale stand voted best green chile in Colorado two years running.

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