Monday, August 22, 2011

Hutchinson ks to Pittsburg ks

Flat and hot. The rude into Hutchinson home of the state fair and a large collection of space memorabilia was interesting. It smelled like the family lands up in west Virginia leaking natural gas wells and fresh cut grass. Although I couldn't see it I was traveling through low marsh lands past oil dericks. I got into hurchnson after midnight. Left early and rode along flat lands all day. The most interesting thing was trying to follow the directions for the transamerica bikecentenial route. This was my first day with actual turns. I had had a sneaking suspicion since California but Kansas has confirmed that everytown with a population higher than 900 people has a sonic in it. These are often right next to the husks of local dairy bars. I m a little offended that west point lacks one since it has a population close to 3 thousand.
I very nearly made it out of Kansas lastnight but stayed instead in pittsburg ks 30 miles from Joplin mo. This was a nice college town with a tuen if the century cinema showing new releases and a few 1920 s hotels one had an old cafe in it where I had a beef brisket breakfast with homemade applesauce. My reason for staying in Pittsburg was a need to find a motorcycle shop who could take a link out of my chain. With that done I also topped if my transmission finding a missing bolt in the case. I'll need to replace that before long although there are no leaks in the seal near it. My oil injection pump is also weeping oil. I m not sure why but at the same time it doesn't concern me. On ward towards st Louis.

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