Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mountain goats and other animals

Yesterday leaving salidas in the canyons I saw 6 mountain goats grazing at the roadside. I stopped to watch and photograph them and once they noticed me I felt kind of exposed. Where I had been passing chipmunk, prarie dog, and squirrels leaving Colorado these were replaced by rabbit and doves along the roadside shouldEr. The flat lands of Colorado grass land gave over to the flatlands of Kansas. The only difference was an increase in the awareness of the bikecentenial route with rest stops and camping areas. However upon crossing the line the number of feed lots I passed was amazing they assaulted my nose fiercely often for miles. In ness city I passed the offices of feedlot magazine. I kid you not.
I passed four cyclist going the other direction. They seemed in good spirits.
The bikes been running well although the chain has stretched past where the adjusters can keep it tight. I need to find a shop that can remove a link on Monday. I stopped at a roadside beer joint which my map indicated as the last restaurant for three hours. And got the $8 dollar 16 oz t bone a heck of a steak dinner for the price. But I had to pass on the mountain oysters they also had on the menu. Maybe next time.

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