Friday, August 12, 2011

Temecula to Myron's Mopeds to Temecula

Loaded the moped into a truck to make the trip to Myron's Moped. Within 5 minutes at the shop Shaun had diagnosed the poor running problem fixed it and showed me how to fix the problem if I was out on the road without any tools. It ended up being some machining debris leftover from finishing out the gas tank or carbuerator had clogged the highspeed jet in the carburetor. When we took off the float bowl it looked like someone was panning for gold.

Shaun says this is normal one good reason to buy a new tomos through a dealer who knows them well. I could use a strand from the brake line to clean the jet next time. We then tore down the engine and transmission tightening all the studs properly. One head stud was loose one exhaust stud and both intake bolts were loose. These last bolts are almost impossible to tighten with the cylinder installed. A new NGK plug was added to replace the oem plug. The piston clips were replaced with tailess piston clips. A weak spot that Shaun found in his high speed a55 engine was the tail clips would break causing piston damage. This modification was done in anticipation of some highspeed downhill grades in the Rockies.

The transmission was cleaned out the oil was free of metal shavings but had some grit from the casting process. The clutch drum was switched out for one that was highspeed balanced to reduce vibrations. This was immediately noticeable in the mirrors and pegs. The highspeed clutch spring was replaced with a high speed green spring raising the shift point into second gear. This could help in the hills. What it does do is cause the engine to run off the pipe before second gear to engage. I actually preferred the original shift points but once second gear hits it pulls better since it is in the middle of the power band in second. New oil was added and Shaun spent another few hours talking me through spare parts and repairs. Although neither of us foresee many problems now that the bike has been well sorted. I rode a few minutes last night and the bike felt good.

I can't say enough good things about Myron s Mopeds. The people I met at the shop had some great stories and a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate the time they spent talking me through this trip Shaun gave a lot of his own time to this bike and new his products backwards and forwards.

Tomorrow temecula to Blythe

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