Friday, August 26, 2011

Into the heart of bluegrass country

Illinois flew by on tiny little back roads I got lost a couple times. But all in all a nice area reminded me me of Appalachia even though it's the little ozarks the only east west mountain range in the east. At cave in the rock a nice little town i crossed the ohio on a ferry. Other than a flat tire leaving a gas station around 10 o'clock Kentucky Was a lot like Sothern illinos. I spent the night at rough river state park. Probably the nicest state lark I've been to they have a couple golf courses there as well as fishing and boating. This morning I found out how slick Kentucky bluegrass is pulling off on the shoulder to read my map the bike plum slid out from under me. To make up for the shock I decided a full breakfast was in order at the next diner I had the best fried potatoes of the trip done proper in a cast iron skillet in bacon grease. I may stop by mammoth cave later today on my way to berea Kentucky

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