Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shakedown cruise day 0

Loaded up the bike in Oceanside California after almost a week at friends. The moped was bought new at Myron's Mopeds in Fullerton. Shaun there has been preparing the bike for the trip. Myron's Mopeds is definitely the most knowledgable moped dealer in southern California. Two trips there had it modified for the trip. Shaun told me to drive the bike for a thousand miles before I set out to shake out any problems. Then we would tear down the transmission and add a higher shift point spring to the first gear clutch and balance the shift drums for a smoother ride.

So I set out with 23 miles on the bike for a 4000 ft hill climb to Julian california and from there to temecula California a trip of around a 130 miles.

Good day saw some amazing things including a tarantula on the road and a jack rabbit running into my bike. I managed to climb 2000 feet in 30 miles past herb plantations, nurseries, orange and apple groves. In the next 40 I reached 4100 at Julian passing 5 indian reserves turned around and headed north to telemuca.  The bike started running rough about 30 miles into a 60 mile trip I went down as far as 2200 feet and climbed back to 3900 about dusk the bike wouldn't pull past 15 mph and I hadn't seen anything for a Couple miles.  Sometime after dark I passed a little depot that said navy extreme climate survival training camp the last thing I saw until the outskirts of telemeca about 2 hours later. It was stressful and cold but the great vault of cloudless sky the stars and moon made up for it.

Brett Price

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