Saturday, August 13, 2011

Temecula to Blythe via the desert or I run out of gas in the desert and have to pedal

Temecula I gas up the tank and grab a bag of trail mix. Retracing the route I did in the dark two days ago in the dark. Pretty drive through ranch and vineyard country. Cars were good i didn't have many problems hugging the edge of the road. Instead of heading back to Julian I took a sr 2 past two ancient ranches coming out 7 miles down the mountain from Julian where I had intended to gas up not even thinking I set of down into the Azeri borrego desert blasting through some great canyons the bike handled great even with the full travel road. 30 miles into the dessert I had to switch to reserve. Bad news the reserve is good for 15 miles I had 60 miles to the next station. I checked my spare gas can it wasn't full just a splash in it. Poor planning that. About two miles down the road I came across an offroad vehicle park and bought a can of octane boost which I guessed would stretch my gas a ways.
The rest of the trip through the dessert was uneventful I ran at half throttle to save gas. I saw a couple crazy lizards running across the road at highspeed. I turned onto a four lane and ran along the median past ranches and alfalfa farms towards and past the salton sea. I pulled into warrington and saw the sign for the first station i d past in 70 miles. Then inran out of gas and had to pedal the mile to the station. Lucky really. I bought a gallon of gas for the bike a gallon spare and a gallon of water and a couple cookies. Headed out into the imperial dunes desert area for Blythe passing into this area I rode next to a blue Herron flying Low along a canal keeping pace with me at eye level. This crossing was a hundred mile slog. I left Brawley at 4:30 and reached blithe at 8. The desert was pretty and hot I saw the mesquite mine pit and a couple boarded up gas stations. I really enjoyed the last few miles into town past some great farms and the Colorado river at dusk.

The bike ran great and I got the best food of the trip at a BBQ place Rebel BBQ in blithe they had a BBQ ham sandwich witha hot jalepeno potato salad. Wow best BBQ ever. I m going to try to make it to the grand canyon or Seligman in AZ tomorrow on route 66 from needles ca.

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