Saturday, August 20, 2011

Salida to eads

Out of Salida to canon city I rode through the royal gorge area with public and private campgrounds every 2 miles. Tons of people were out using the river. Salida was having a custom car show and motorcycle rally this weekend and I passed a large number of both. In canon city I picked up the bikecentenial trail. After passing through pueblo the land flattened and the road ran straight. For hours I wouldn't see a car or cross road but I watched a storm off in the distance at eads I stopped and hot a hotel as the rain began. My map had said no services for 58 miles pad eades so it seemed like a good idea. I had topped off my oil tank in caƱon city somewhere along the way the cap came off I ended up coating a couple of items in two stroke oil I spent two hours trying too clean things up last night I don't think I did much excePt coat my arms and hands in the stuff. I won't leave that cap loose again. It's 412 miles to where I want to stop tonight I hoPe I can make it even though my longest day has been 312 miles

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