Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kingman to grand canyon

Left early from kingman. I had finally figured out how to encourage the transmission to shift from first to second. If I let off the throttle at the shift point it would ease into second gear. The route 66 To Zeligman was fine and empty on Sunday morning. I ate at the roadkill 66 cafe had a good chorizo and egg platter. Outside seligman I found some metal sculptures of animals I liked but couldn't figure out bow to get them on the moped. From here to Williams I spent a lOt of time on the highway breakdown strip since route 66 is broken by missing sections I could see the old road bed but barriers and pastures had reclaimed it. The scenery was fine but in comparison to the drive through oatman it didn't matter that most of my time was spent avoiding objects on the road. Williams was nice I bought some food for dinner at a grocery and had a long conversation with a guy on an old BMW r90. He talked about his rides across country and told me to watch for the monsoon rain. He had just ridden through hail on the other side of the mountain. I bought a rain jacket. I had sent mine home by fedex from sandiego.
The forty mile drive to the canyon was spent in rain. At that elevation the air was cold. The bulk of the lightening stayed behind me after the first hour I stopped for a cup of coffee and watched the storms. A number of distinct cells were visible all around. It's amazing how far you can see out here without any trees.

Even though I could have ridden for two or three more hours I decided to camp at the grand canyon village lathers campground I set up camp in the rain. But after that was done the evening cleared to blue skies. I went out to buy fire wood loading the moped with 7 logs quite the sight. I then walked along the canyon Anne took pictures of the sunset catching a rainbow over the canyon in the process. The canyon is hard to comprehend and harder to capture in pictures. That night temps were in the high forties but I decided to sleep just in my sleeping bag and bivysack. The sky was so clear and the full moon lit up everything i was glad I had stopped when I did. It had been a 200 mile ride from kingman.

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