Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product reviews

I bought a cheap full face helmet made by vega. This has been a great investment it's quite light has decent vents and the face shield has held up well although I look like a dork riding a moped with a full on motorcycle helmet. A bug in the eye would be way worse than that.

I had a pair of Joe rocket textile gloves which I lost yesterday and good riddance they were a huge disappointment. The faux suede of the fingers had rubbed through on 7 of 10 fingers by day 4. I had not abused these gloves and it makes me doubt they would offer much protection in the event of a crash. That said the palms were reinforced with a mesh so maybe that would have helped. Riding without gloves yesterday was fine.

I also bought a mesh jacket with padded back and elbow support. This jacket has been great it fits well and kept me cool in the dessert. I couldn t feel any heat difference with or without it on. The jacket is made by agvsport.

I have been listening to music on a scandisk Sansa fuse. I hate the interface but can't fault the player itself. Adam who I stayed with in San Diego works for Nixon in their headphone department. He has let me sample their earbuds and the fit and sound of these have been impressive. They are by far the best headphones I ve used.

My iPhone has definitely paid for itself being a computer gps and camera all inone. The yelp app has helped me find good restaurants in every town I ve been to. Photobucket has let me upload my photos of the trip to the Internet. I ll try to ntrgrate photos at a later date to this blog.

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